Enjoy a beautiful and eco-friendly lodge in the middle of the jungle.


Want to stay more days in Iguazu? Yacutinga Lodge is the perfect option after visiting both national parks.

Yacutinga is a lodge placed in the middle of the Jungle, 1 hour away from the city. Once there, you can enjoy top-level services with foods and excursions in the jungle included.

After the excursion through the jungle, where you will see a lot of nature and animals, you will be back to the lodge to enjoy delicious regional food and enjoy the pool or spa services.

We arrange all transfers to get there. The visit to the lodge can be combined with a tour to Iguazu and other destinations in the area. Just contact us!

We offer:

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Private Day Tour to Iguazu Falls from Argentina or Brazil


Day 1 – Yacutinga Lodge

14.00hs. Encounter at our meeting point Puerto Iguazú. Luggage dispatch.

14.30hs. Departure from our meeting point in Puerto Iguazu through the Iguassu National Park.  The landscape is very picturesque, characterized by its reddish soil, the various shades of greens, the colonist and their Yerba Mate farms.

Arrival at the Lodge, welcome and room distribution.

Presentation: The jungle and its state of conservation . Through this presentation the guide in charge will explain to the new guests the environmental situation of the ecosystem they are visiting. Questions & answers.

Presentation about the activities and introductory explanation about the environmental problematic of the Rainforest and the actions we are undertaking to achieve its conservation.

Dinner. Overnight.

Day 2 – Yacutinga Lodge

After the breakfast, early in the morning Kayaking along the San Francisco stream, which flows into the Natural Reserve. This is the right moment for a photo-safari and general fauna observation. The Forest water streams are highly important for the Ecosystem: they are true life corridors. Sailing these waters is extremely relaxing and gives us the opportunity to move along the Gallery forests in silence. In this environment, seed dispersal occurs differently. Root systems have adapted to flood Soils.

Salt patches are very common on the shores of these streams, and wild animals often seek these places, therefore it is common to find animal footprints and traces in the muddy shores. The water activity lasts almost 3 hours.

Back to the Lodge at mid-morning.


Free time to walk along and simply enjoy the facilities of the Lodge (swimming pool, visitors center, etc.).

Interpretative walks in the afternoon, conducted by expert guides who provide good information on the several natural environments, their Flora and Fauna.  This is an environment highly rich in biodiversity, old-growth trees, medicinal plants, orchids, bromeliads, butterflies, beetles, birds and mammals that combine to provide the key to interpretation and astonish us with a very intense natural contact inside Misiones Forest.


Night walk.  The Forest at night. We wait for the night to come.  The sounds of Nature produce a very complex symphony. We silently take part of this scene. The owls start their activities. Above us, the Milky Way becomes our ceiling. This might be a suitable description of this walk organized by Yacutinga Lodge’s environmental Guides. The aim is to sharpen our senses.


Day 3 – Yacutinga Lodge

Breakfast and free time to explore around or simply enjoy the Lodge area.  We invite our guests to participate in our Orchid rescue program.

Day 1 – Arrival and Argentinean Side

After arrival to Puerto Iguazu, transfer to Sheraton Iguazu, an hotel placed in the middle of the argentinean national park. 1 night of accommodation.

After check-in, free time to enjoy the falls.

Optional: Private Guide.

Optional: Extra night in Sheraton Iguazu + Regular Excursion to Brazilian Falls.

Day 2, 3 , 4 – Yacutinga Lodge

Same as 2 nights itinerary.

After arrival to Puerto Iguazu, transfer to Sheraton Iguazu, an hotel placed in the middle of the argentinean national park. 1 night of accommodation.

After check-in, free time to enjoy the falls.

Optional: Private Guide.

Optional: Extra night in Sheraton Iguazu + Regular Excursion to Brazilian Falls.

Day 2, 3, 4, 5 – Yacutinga Lodge

4 days / 3 nights dedicated to understand this peculiar reality of our country comfortably accommodated in Yacutinga Lodge.

• All meals, accommodation, transfers and activities included.

• The set of planned activities provide the opportunity to understand the Interior Atlantic rainforest from an environmental and social side.

• Eco tours: Kayaking trough the waters of the jungle and trekking into the Rainforest; guided by ecologists within the exclusive Yacutinga Private Reserve.

The visit to the neighbouring Guarani Community Kagui Pora 2 close to Yacutinga Lodge . The idea during this experience is to understand the social reality our brothers Guarani are undergoing. While developing this kind of low impact ecotourism activity we try to help them in various ways. It is an open-eye experience for any visitor.

• The Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) plantation. This is the main agricultural product and economic stilt of the neighbouring Andresito Colony . Pioneers of the last Century transformed this wild bush in a crop. Today the Yerba Mate is a very popular infusion for Argentinians, Uruguayans and south Brazilian people.

• Without the use of medicinal native plants from the Atlantic Forest, the colonization would not be possible, and because of that we add to this experience the possibility to learn how locals use these native plants for homeopathic medicine; using the traditional mate infusion as a method to intake the homeopathic benefits that some of the plants of the jungle kindly give us. Its tradition is explained given that without doubt it has been the rural homeopathy the one that permitted the settling of the pioneer families in this rural environment. This tradition is still going and shining in this unknown part of Argentina.


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