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Yacutinga Rainforest Lodge

A wonderful eco-lodge located in the heart of the Atlantic Rainforest near the Iguazu Falls.


Staying at Yacutinga Lodge offers a unique and immersive experience in the heart of the Atlantic Rainforest, near Iguazu Falls. This eco-lodge emphasizes sustainability and conservation, providing a serene retreat for nature enthusiasts and eco-conscious travelers.

Upon arrival, guests are immediately struck by the lodge’s harmonious integration with the surrounding rainforest. The rustic yet comfortable accommodations, constructed with local materials, blend seamlessly into the lush landscape. The absence of modern distractions like TVs and limited Wi-Fi encourages guests to disconnect from the outside world and connect with nature.

The rooms at Yacutinga Lodge are designed for comfort and tranquility. Each room features basic amenities and is equipped with private balconies or terraces offering views of the dense forest. The decor incorporates local craftsmanship, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

And what about activities? Well, these are amazing. Guests at Yacutinga Lodge can partake in a variety of activities that highlight the region’s rich biodiversity and promote sustainable tourism:

  1. Guided Nature Walks: Expert guides lead guests on informative walks through the rainforest, pointing out unique plant species and wildlife. These walks provide insights into the complex ecosystems and the importance of conservation efforts.
  2. Bird Watching: With over 300 species of birds in the area, bird watching is a popular activity. Guided tours help guests spot and identify various species, enhancing their appreciation for the region’s avian diversity.
  3. Kayaking and Canoeing: Exploring the Iguazu River and its tributaries by kayak or canoe offers a different perspective of the rainforest. These water-based excursions allow for close encounters with aquatic and semi-aquatic wildlife.
  4. Night Safaris: Nocturnal safaris reveal the rainforest’s night-time inhabitants, including mammals, insects, and amphibians. These guided tours provide a thrilling and educational experience as guests discover the forest’s after-dark activities.
  5. Sustainability Workshops: Yacutinga Lodge offers workshops on environmental conservation and sustainable living practices. Guests learn about the lodge’s initiatives to protect the rainforest and can participate in hands-on activities.

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Just two hours from the famous Iguazu Falls, Yacutinga Lodge and its Private Wildlife Refuge are located deep within the Misiones Rainforest. The peninsula that forms the Natural Reserve area is bordered by the Upper Iguazu River—the same waters that, winding downstream, pass through Iguazu National Parks (Argentina and Brazil) to form the giant horseshoe that creates the spectacular Devil’s Throat. This rainforest, green during the day and ochre at sunset, with its vast waters contrasting with the reddish soil, reveals an excellent state of conservation in the Yacutinga Reserve.

Here, the force of nature is impressive. The vibrant colors and sounds are highlighted by an incredible variety of bird and butterfly species, which represent over 50% of those recorded throughout Argentina.

Beyond the greenery embracing the buildings, the Lodge is a comfortable refuge that blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment. The buildings, with their soft lines, follow the gentle slopes of the terrain. Materials such as naturally fallen stones and logs have been successfully incorporated to reinforce the naturalistic concept of the place.

At Yacutinga, nature-loving travelers can enjoy a unique environment. They can take guided walks through the jungle or navigate its calm waters to explore and discover its rich biodiversity. To fully enjoy this balance between man and nature, we offer services and amenities for practicing yoga, wonderful nooks for meditation, and breathing exercises. The Lodge’s cuisine, with its vegetarian/vegan options, is sensational.



The rooms at Yacutinga Lodge are scattered throughout the jungle, encircling the main building at a distance. These consist of independent accommodation modules. Each module has four rooms, featuring a very comfortable rustic style and private bathrooms with hot water available 24 hours a day.

There are six matrimonial rooms, 14 double or triple rooms, and the recently added “Yatei”: a very special room surrounded by dense vegetation and under the shade of gigantic trees. This room is dedicated to adventurous and sophisticated couples, making it an excellent choice for organizing a unique and distinctive honeymoon program.

All rooms offer an intense and exclusive view of the jungle. From the porch of each room, it is common to see hummingbirds, various bird species, agoutis, armadillos, and large concentrations of butterflies.

Yacutinga Lodge

Additionally, the lodge features several specially designed spaces for gatherings, practicing yoga, and meditation. There is a tower at the height of the tree canopy for introspection, a yoga room for 12 people where instructors lead their sessions surrounded by dense forest, and campfires that allow for relaxing evenings admiring the Milky Way with total clarity.


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Staying at Yacutinga Lodge means entering into communion with nature. Only four hectares of the 570 that make up the property have been used to construct the buildings of this unique ecotourism complex in Argentina. The constructions at the lodge gently follow the natural slopes of the terrain and maintain the surrounding harmony.

Local materials such as stones and large pieces of wood from naturally fallen trees have been successfully incorporated into the architectural concept of the place, thus fully integrating with the natural environment.

In this way, a highly relaxed atmosphere has been achieved, where the magic takes shape and the “Monte Misionero” can be enjoyed in all its splendor and wisdom.

Private Natural Reserve

Yacutinga Lodge is not just an ecotourism project located in the Argentine missionary jungle. We believe there is a significant global need for nature protection as well as generating economic income. At Yacutinga, we are addressing this. Ecotourism activity is one of our economic pillars, but there are also other sustainability projects being developed in our Reserve.

With the biological and technical support of the Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina (FVSA) and the results of the research carried out at the Yacutinga Biological Station, we are undertaking various projects to create a general use of our private reserve without altering nature.

Since the project’s inception, we have been concerned with minimizing the environmental impact. At the same time, we had to find a balance between using the surrounding nature and setting up an excellent ecotourism service.

We believe we have met this challenge by following modern sustainability criteria based on:

  • The responsibility of private sector management in one of the missionary jungle areas.
  • Employment and training of local personnel for ecotourism service production.
  • Prohibition and drastic control of poaching and fishing in the area.
  • Development of forest restoration programs to recover altered areas.
  • Development of wildlife breeding programs to repopulate and relocate species (completed project).
  • Implementation of various research programs to acquire appropriate knowledge about the resources provided by the jungle.
  • Encouraging collaboration with our Mbya Guarani neighbors to implement sustainable productive activities.

In line with our own convictions and philosophy, we have multiplied our efforts to reduce the effects of our presence in the area through the design and implementation of recycling systems and the rationing of the energy we produce.

Birds of the Jungle: Yacutinga lodge

The water at the Lodge is very pure, coming from a well that reaches the second layer of underground water at a depth of 85 meters. The hot water system in the room modules primarily uses solar energy, which is then optimized with constant water temperature through non-polluting electric heaters.

The pool consumes a large amount of energy and potable water, so to reduce and optimize water consumption, a system was designed to collect rainwater from the large roofs of the main building. The rainwater flow is diverted to the pool, forming an artificial waterfall that sweeps away fallen leaves. This keeps the pool clean during storms.

An additional discharge treatment system has been designed in all bathrooms at the establishment. This system is known as external marsh engineering, using saturated soil plants (like swamps) whose roots can absorb nutrients present in stagnant water.

There are no air conditioners in the rooms; instead, they are architecturally designed to have a fresh air current inside, coming from the surrounding undergrowth and entering each building through a system beneath the foundations.

Maintaining our commitment to living in harmony with nature, we have considered every detail and strive to offer the best possible ecotourism service in the jungle. From Wi-Fi to comfortable beds with natural cotton sheets.

The main building is the starting point for activities. Early in the morning, in the afternoon, or even at night, our expert guides organize excursions in kayaks or walks along various interpretive trails.

Activities are carried out in groups of no more than 12 people. All our activities are based on respect for the environment, its contemplation, and interpretation. All our guides are specialists in the biodiversity of the missionary jungle and speak perfect English. Each group is also accompanied by a Guarani assistant, who provides complementary information on the use of medicinal plants in the jungle, tracking and identifying animal tracks, and many other topics of interest to travelers.

You do not need to be an expert in the environment or biology to enjoy your stay at Yacutinga Lodge. Quite the contrary, one of the conceptual pillars of our project is environmental education. At Yacutinga Lodge, we base our services on respect for local culture, offering traditional native cuisine with international preparation and presentation. Meals at the lodge are prepared with products from local gardens.

We firmly believe that we should all be respectful of nature as we are part of it. At Yacutinga, we strive to convey this environmental awareness in a completely natural way. We enjoy doing so and, in some way, feel proud of it. We are happy to know that, upon returning home, our guests transmit the knowledge we have shared with them to their communities.

For those interested in specific environmental topics, we have organized programs based on bird observation and entomological classification, medicinal plants, orchids, and bromeliads.

In 2003, Yacutinga Lodge and its Wildlife Refuge were selected by the World Tourism Organization as one of the 60 model ecotourism companies worldwide.

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