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iguazufalls.com is a website of RipioTurismo, and the following general conditions fully conform to Law 18829, Decree 2182/72, Resolution 404/72. RIPIO EVT, OF IDEAS TURÍSTICAS S.R.L., Dossier No. 10687, located at Av. Raúl Scalabrini Ortiz 215 – 3rd Floor B, Buenos Aires, Argentina, hereinafter the company, hereby sets forth its general operation conditions for the provision of tourist services:


1.               Knowledge of conditions set forth: when the passenger (as well as any person who has a reservation under the passenger’s name) sends his reservation and it is accepted by RIPIO EVT, it is understood that he agrees to and accepts all the conditions set out in this contract and certifies that the information supplied in the reservation card is complete and true The company, on accepting the reservation, agrees to fulfill its obligations as set forth herein.


2.  Reservations: reservations received shall be confirmed once the passenger :

A)              Sends the reservation providing as much information as possible. We must be immediately informed of any changes in the information the passenger has furnished. The passenger can send the reservation by mail, e-mail, fax or through our web site.

B)              Pays a deposit of 30% of the total cost of the trip. Payment shall be made to our international account or by bank transfer to our accounts with national banks


3.               Reservation confirmation: once A and B are completed so that the passenger’s reservation can be formalized, RIPIO EVT shall send the passenger via e-mail confirmation of his reservation. A week before the trip, we shall send the passenger by e-mail information on the hotel, contact telephone numbers, list of passengers and related data in a voucher service.


4.               Payment of the balance due: the balance due must be necessarily paid for before undertaking the trip. The balance due be paid in cash.


5.               Prices: all prices advertised in the company’s publications are quoted in US dollars and subject to changes without prior notice. Passengers shall pay the price quoted at the moment the reservation is accepted. Prices shall not be subject to changes only if the trip is paid in full (in cash) when the reservation is made. Otherwise, the company reserves the right to change the final price of the program without prior notice. Such changes shall arise from market fluctuations that may affect the cost structure. All price increases shall be paid for prior to the date of departure.


6.               Reservation changes: if the passenger wishes to make changes in a reservation that has already been confirmed, he shall do so in writing. Passengers shall have to pay a penalty of U$S 50 per person when they make any such changes.


7.               Reservation cancellation: cancellations shall be made in writing, without exception, and passengers shall be refunded the price of the trip after a deduction of cancellation charges. The cancellation date shall be the date RIPIO EVT. is dully notified by the passenger. The sum to be refunded to the passenger shall be paid by the company at the company’s premises within 30 days of the date notice was given of the cancellation. If cancellation notice is received 30 days prior to departure, 30% of the down payment made on the reservation shall be deducted to cover administrative expenses. If notice is received within 30 days prior to departure, the company shall retain the total down payment.


8.               Changes made by the company prior to departure: the company may change itineraries, services, departure dates, etc. either in order to provide a better service, or because of acts of God or unforeseen circumstances. Unforeseen circumstances include: strikes, earthquakes, civil war, quarantine, revolutions, fires, adverse meteorological conditions, epidemics, bad road conditions  o breakage’s, these being just illustrative. The company reserves the right to cancel the trip due to unforeseen circumstances or because the minimum number of people required to participate in
the program has not been reached. In such a case the passenger will be informed in writing and he may opt for:

a)               Demanding that he be refunded the full price paid to us.

b)              Deciding on an alternative trip and pay an additional sum of money or get a refund, whatever the case may be, if there is a price difference.


9.               Documentation: it is the passenger’s responsibility to obtain his visa to enter the country of destination. The company is not to be held responsible if the passenger is refused, for reasons inherent to him, an entry visa or if entrance to a given country is not allowed because he has failed to comply with essential requirements or because there is something wrong with his passport. Any expenses arising thereof shall be fully borne by the passenger. The conditions set forth for voluntary cancellation of the service shall apply.


10.           Luggage: the luggage and personal effects shall be, at all times, the passenger’s responsibility and at his own risk.


11.           Services included: the company binds itself to render during the trip those services that are included and detailed in the information furnished in each program.


12.           Services not included: the company is not bound to pay for incidentals, beverages, phone calls, laundry, tips, food during transportation, tickets for recreational centers, parks and natural reserves, etc., nor for any other service that has not been dully specified in the program.


13.           Unused services: the price of the program is quoted as a package, so no refund or compensation shall be given for non-use of certain services such as hotel stays, transportation, or any other service that is included in the trip and has not been used by the passenger.


14.           The company acting as an “intermediary”: When the company acts as an intermediary between the passengers and transportation companies, hotels, medical coverage, restaurants, etc., and if any of them fails to provide services, it undertakes to take the necessary steps to assure successful completion of the trip such as hiring new service providers, withholding payments to those who failed to meet their obligations, etc. The company shall not be held responsible for services provided by third parties.


15.           Health: Passengers must be in good health and physical condition. Passengers are responsible for having checkups and the company is not to be held responsible in case they have not been completed.. However, it is the passenger’s responsibility to bring along medicine that has been specifically prescribed to him.


16.           Complaints: neither RIPIO EVT nor service providers shall accept a formal complaint unless it is made in writing within 15 days after the trip has ended.


17.           Insurance: travel insurance is not included in the price of the program. RIPIO EVT strongly recommends passengers to get travel insurance.


18.           Limitation of our obligations: our obligation in connection with any event or failure shall be limited to and shall not exceed the price of the trip.


19.           Applicable law and jurisdiction: these conditions and the annexes attached hereto shall be exclusively governed by regulations in force. Any conflict shall be settled by the Ordinary Courts of the First Judicial District of Buenos Aires, and excludes any other court and/or jurisdiction, especially the Federal court and/or jurisdiction.

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