The Devil´s Throat in Iguazu Falls

the Devil´s Throat in Iguazu falls

Iguazu Falls is a mesmerizing destination located in the northeastern region of Argentina. It is shared with Brazil and is considered one of the new 7 wonders of nature, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The former US President, Eleanor Roosevelt, was so captivated by the beauty of the falls that she famously said, “My poor Niagara…” after visiting Iguazu. Undoubtedly, this incredible and unparalleled place is a must-visit and a highlight of any trip to South America. The entire route of the falls on the Argentine side is nothing short of fascinating, but the crowning jewel is the renowned Garganta del Diablo, which is also known as the Devil’s Throat in English.


The Devil´s Throat in Iguazu Falls: General information

The Devil’s Throat is a cluster of waterfalls towering at 80 meters high, which cascade into a narrow gorge that concentrates the greatest flow of the Iguazu Falls. These waterfalls are renowned for having the largest flow in the world. The Salto Union gives birth to the Devil’s Throat, located on the boundary between Brazil and Argentina. The waterfalls generate a mist that can be observed more than 7 kilometers away.

So, how can one experience this remarkable display of nature? To access the Devil’s Throat from the Argentine side, one can take an ecological train to the Devil’s Throat Station, disembark at Puerto Canoas, and then walk along a steel walkway. This walkway replaced the previous wooden one, which was destroyed by the significant floods of 1992. The walk leads to the viewpoint of the Devil’s Throat, offering an astonishing and close-up view of this and other nearby waterfalls. The Devil’s Throat is among the most visited sites of the falls, attracting a considerable number of tourists all year round.

The Devil’s Throat features jumps of over 150 meters in length, with a 80-meter drop, equivalent to a 30-story building. The waterfall converges in a horseshoe shape and has an average flow of 1,500 cubic meters per second, enough to fill 36 Olympic swimming pools in just a minute. This immense volume of water draws visitors from all over the world.

To traverse the Devil’s Throat Trail, which is about 2,200 meters round trip, taking approximately 2 hours, visitors can access it via the Ecological Train of the Jungle or opt to walk the entire tour. The trail is 100% accessible via footbridges.

The Devil´s Throat in Iguazu - inphographic


Where is the Devil´s Throat in Iguazu Falls? How to access to the Devil´s Throat trail?

To access the Garganta del Diablo on the Argentine side, visitors can take an ecological train that runs on gas, which stops at the Garganta del Diablo Station in Puerto Canoas. From there, visitors can walk on a steel walkway that leads to the Devil’s Throat viewpoint, which offers an up-close view of the waterfall and the unique spectacle of the massive river water plummeting into the void. This point is one of the most popular destinations within the Falls and is crowded with visitors year-round.

Another way to experience the falls is by taking a boat tour that departs from some downstream piers, providing an up-close view of the waterfalls and the gorge. For those seeking a unique perspective, helicopter tours are available to take visitors on an unforgettable flight over the falls, offering one of the most spectacular views in the world.


Iguazu falls, the Devils Throat


The Ecological Train of the Jungle in Iguazu Falls

The Ecological Train of the Jungle is a tourist attraction in the Iguazu Falls National Park, Argentina. It is a narrow-gauge train that runs through the lush subtropical forest of the park, allowing visitors to easily access the main attractions of the park.

The train runs from the Central Station to two different stops: the Cataratas Station and the Garganta del Diablo Station. The Cataratas Station is the closest stop to the majority of the falls on the Argentine side, and the Garganta del Diablo Station is the stop closest to the Devil’s Throat, the most impressive and famous waterfall in the park.

The train is powered by gas and is environmentally friendly, with no emissions. Its route passes through the forest, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the native vegetation and the sound of the birds and wildlife.

The train ride is included in the admission ticket to the park and is a convenient and enjoyable way to access the different areas of the park, especially for those with limited mobility or those who prefer not to walk long distances.



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