Skydive Tandem Jump in Foz do Iguazu

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Another Once in a Lifetime Experience to Enjoy on Your Visit to Iguazu Falls

Do you have a free day at Iguazu Falls and want to do a totally different activity?

Discover the experience of skydiving in Foz do Iguazu!

Upon arrival you will be greeted by the experienced and friendly staff (who also speaks good English) to help you and answer all the questions you have before making the jump.

The place has modern equipment so that the activity is completely safe.

You will jump together with one of the coaches (Tandem Jump), who will make sure everything goes well during this unique experience.

Visit the unique Iguazu Falls and discover the sensation of parachuting. What else do you need to make your visit a unique experience?


AM or PM

Cancellation Policy:

72hs Cancellation Policy


Every day

Starting Time:

To be confirmed

Finishing Time:

To be confirmed

Pick Up and Drop Off:

"Meeting Point " -

 "Meeting Point"


Spanish, Portuguese, and English Speaking Guide

Maximum Group Size:

Minimum Booking:


We offer our clients the most modern entertainment service, the tandem jump in Parachute.

After a brief explanation and simulation with one of the expert instructors, you will be ready to test the thrill of flying at an approximate speed of 200 km / h.

It is 20 seconds of free fall plus 7 minutes of navigation with the parachute open enjoying the incredible landscapes on the Itaipu Dam before the soft landing.

The Tandem Jump, as it is known, is the first contact with skydiving and the safest way to try free fall for the first time. In this mode, the passenger leaves the plane together with a specialized instructor from a height of +/- 3000 meters.

The two perform the jump on board equipment specially designed for 2 people. Overflight over the Itaipu Dam, the 3 Frontiers Milestone, Ciudad del Este, the Friendship Bridge; The Falls are also seen from far.

  • All necessary equipment
  • Professional instructor
  • Mandatory life insurance of R$ 9 on the day of the jump. Directly charged to the passenger.

There's no optionals available for this excursions. Let us know if you need anything on your booking.

If for any reason, you decide to cancel the activity or excursion, the cancellation conditions specified in the product description or in the voucher will be valid.

In the event that the cancellation conditions in the product description do not differ, the provider of tourist services will charge you the following cancellation fees:

  • a. Up to 72 hours before the start of the activity: full refund (again we indicate that in certain specific cases the term may differ from this general policy)
  • b. After 72 hours before the start of the activity: no refund.

What are the timings?

The tour takes around 2/3 hours. The time could be between 8 AM until sunset.

The pickup time will be arranged before the day of the activity.

What should i bring to the tour?

Cash to pay the insurance the day of the jump.


Weight: Passengers weighing above 90 kg will undergo assessment and approval by our instructors. In addition to weight, factors such as physical condition, height, and engagement in physical or sports activities will be evaluated. An additional fee will apply for each 1 kg exceeding 95 kg, up to the maximum limit of 110 kg.

Health Condition: Passengers must be in good overall health and without any conditions that could hinder skydiving, such as high or low blood pressure, heart issues, respiratory difficulties, epilepsy, or other conditions incompatible with parachute jumping.

Individuals with Physical Disabilities: Physical disabilities do not necessarily preclude jumping, but they may impact the experience. Authorization from an instructor or the center’s supervisor is required for individuals with physical disabilities.

Prohibited Activities: If you have participated in scuba diving or donated blood within the 24 hours prior to your scheduled jump, you will not be eligible to perform the jump.

Important Information

Important Information:

Duration: The activity encompasses a period of 2 to 3 hours, including preparation, orientation, the jump itself, and the potential addition of a video report if requested.

Weather: The execution of this activity is contingent upon prevailing weather conditions. In cases where conditions are unfavorable, the jump may experience delays, cancellations, or be rescheduled for a later date. If weather-related circumstances prevent the jump from taking place, a full refund will be issued.

Minimum Age Requirement: The minimum age for participation is 14 years. Passengers aged 14 to 17 years must obtain parental authorization, either through an in-person signature at the center or by obtaining a notarized consent form.

Scheduling Considerations: We recommend against scheduling flights or other activities on the same day as your jump to allow for any potential time adjustments.

Essential Documentation: Kindly ensure you have your passport with you.

Your understanding of these details is greatly appreciated.

What Our Travelers Says

January 5, 2023


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I visited Iguazu falls and did Foz Do…

"I visited Iguazu falls and did Foz Do Iguazu sky dive. It was Awesome!! The tandem master was awesome, the external video grapher was awesome and the experience was simply wonderful

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