Fishing in Iguazu Falls

While visiting the marvelous Iguazu Falls, you can enjoy a fishing activity. The significant Paraná River embraces this region of Misiones and also turns it into an excellent destination for fishing enthusiasts. In a setting that surprises with the lushness and intense greenery that the jungle bestows upon this region, fishermen can try their luck from the shore and also through boat fishing.


A rich and varied ichthyic fauna inhabits the region. Species such as dorado, surubí, pacú, manguruyú, piró-pytá, armado, and boga roam these freshwater streams to attract visitors from different latitudes who are eager to cast their lines and make excellent catches.



The dorado (Salminus brasiliensis) is a freshwater fish species that inhabits the rivers of South America, especially the Paraná River and its tributaries. It is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful and coveted fish for sport fishing in the region.

Dubbed the “tiger of the rivers” due to its appearance and aggressive behavior, the dorado is a formidable predator that can reach impressive sizes, sometimes exceeding 20 kilograms in weight. Its body is adorned with golden and silvery tones, and it features a large, robust head with a jaw full of sharp teeth.

Dorado fishing is highly exciting and challenging due to its strength and agility. Once hooked, the fish typically engages in a vigorous and spectacular struggle, performing powerful jumps and acrobatic maneuvers that test the angler’s skill and endurance. This intense activity makes dorado fishing an unforgettable and adrenaline-filled experience.

In addition to its sporting value, the dorado is also prized for its delicious and high-quality culinary meat. However, due to its popularity among fishermen and the fishing pressure it faces, conservation and regulation measures have been implemented to protect dorado populations and ensure their long-term sustainability.

In summary, the dorado is an icon of South American rivers, both for its natural beauty and its role in sport fishing. Its presence in the Paraná River and its surroundings attracts anglers from around the world in search of the exciting experience of facing this magnificent “tiger of the rivers”.



The Dorado, fishing in Iguazu Falls area



The surubí and other species of catfish are also interesting trophies in this area of the Paraná River. This coveted fish inhabits deep channels and streams populated by old trees and roots that predominate in the fishing spots near the city of Puerto Iguazú, promising a day full of emotions.

The truth is that these personalized fishing excursions start at a meeting point called the pier, and from there, a route is elaborated with the tourists that will not only take them fishing but also to discover some incredible places in Misiones that can only be accessed from the river.

The river is a unique place to discover the wonders of the Misiones jungle, which holds incredible fish with catches that are hard to forget. That’s why vacations in Puerto Iguazú are an excellent reason to go fishing. An extraordinary experience.

The surubí, scientifically known as Pseudoplatystoma, is a species of catfish native to South America, particularly prevalent in the Paraná River and its tributaries. It is highly sought after by anglers for its large size, formidable strength, and challenging behavior during the catch.

Surubí can grow to impressive lengths, with some individuals reaching over 1.5 meters in length and weighing more than 50 kilograms. They are characterized by their sleek, elongated bodies, large mouths, and powerful tails, which they use to navigate swiftly through the water and put up a fierce fight when hooked.

Fishing for surubí is considered a thrilling and rewarding experience, as these fish are known for their tenacity and ability to put anglers’ skills to the test. They inhabit deep pools, channels, and areas with submerged structure, making them challenging yet rewarding targets for fishermen.

In addition to their sporting value, surubí is also appreciated for its firm, flavorful flesh, which is a delicacy in many South American cuisines. However, like many other fish species, surubí populations face threats from habitat degradation, overfishing, and environmental pollution, highlighting the importance of sustainable fishing practices and conservation efforts to ensure their long-term survival.


Infographic / Infografia Surubi - El surubí caracteristicas generales



IGUAZU FALLS: Fishing Activities

In the region, you can book excursions with specialized fishing guides who will guide you in the typical activity of this area, thus arriving at the recommended spots to find the schools of fish. In the city of Puerto Iguazú, the fisherman will find various accommodation options and all the necessary supplies for their activity. In this way, our sales team can prepare a special program for you to enjoy a fishing activity while visiting the region of the incredible Iguazu Falls.



Our sales team can personalize your program, but if you want to get an idea of the suggested program, click on the image below to see a suggested Fishing Program in Iguazu Falls.



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