Iguazu Falls, Mocona Falls and Ibera Wetlands - 8 Nights

Enjoy a week visiting the best of the Argentinian Northeast: Iguazu Falls, Mocona Falls, San Ignacio Mini Ruins and the amazing Ibera Wetlands
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Iguazu Falls

An amazing 8-night program to enjoy the best of the nature and wonders of the Argentinian Northeast

This eight-night program is the most comprehensive if you want to visit the best of northeastern Argentina. It includes the wonderful Iguazu Falls, to see them from both sides: from the Argentine and Brazilian sides. But it also includes a stop at the Mocona Falls, the curious waterfalls along the river, which make them unique. There, you will enjoy a wonderful lodge with adventure activities such as canopy, trekking, kayaking, etc. Then, we continue south to visit the San Ignacio Mini Ruins and learn a little about the influence of the Jesuits in the area. Finally, after sleeping in the capital of Misiones, that is, in the city of Posadas, we will enter the province of Corrientes to enjoy three nights at the Aguape Lodge and visit the Esteros del Iberá. Are you ready for this fascinating program full of activities and nature?



Arrive to Iguazu

Arrive to Iguazu (Puerto Iguazu or Foz do Iguazu airport), reception and transfer to your hotel. Check our options available.

Then, and after check in, we will start our visit to the brazilian side of the amazign Iguazu Falls.

The tour takes half a day,  but you can add activities such as a helicopter ride or the Macuco Safari, or extend the visit and add the Parque Das Aves. See the options we offer below the details.

The visit includes a 1500-meter tour to enjoy incredible panoramic views of the famous Iguazu Falls, including the wonderful Devil’s Throat. This natural attraction is considered one of the 7 natural wonders of the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the end of the tour, there is an elevator and a terrace where you will enjoy unparalleled views. Return to the hotel and rest.


The Argentinian Side of the falls

Our second day, starts after your breakfast. It´s a full day visit to enjoy the amazing argentinian side. A very complete national park with different trails to see the falls from the superior circuit, the lower circuit and the amazing Trail to the Devil´s Throat, may be the most important view of the park.

The Devil’s Throat (Garganta del Diablo) is the most impressive and iconic feature of the Iguazu Falls, located on the border between Argentina and Brazil. It is the largest and most powerful waterfall in the Iguazu system, known for its sheer magnitude and thunderous roar.

The Devil’s Throat is formed by a U-shaped cascade that spans approximately 150 meters (490 feet) in width and drops about 80 meters (262 feet) into the gorge below. This immense volume of water creates a continuous cloud of mist and spray that rises high into the air, visible from a considerable distance.

Add some adventure activities and a night dinner for more fun. Check below


Going from Puerto Iguazu to Mocona Virgin Lodge

After breakfast, we will begin our third day of activities. This time, we will head south to reach the Mocona Virgin Lodge, a place from where we can visit the famous Mocona Falls.

The Mocona Virgin Lodge, a secluded retreat nestled in the heart of the jungle near the falls. From the lodge, visitors can embark on guided tours to observe the falls from various viewpoints along the riverbank.

Activities such as hiking, kayaking, and boat tours are popular ways to explore the surrounding area and witness the beauty of Mocona Falls up close. Visitors can also enjoy birdwatching, wildlife spotting, and other outdoor adventures in the lush rainforest environment.

And why are they considered unique? Well, the geological fault here runs along the river, so the waterfall does not occur as it is usually seen, but it is longitudinal to offer a unique spectacle. But first, we will check in and then we will have free time at the lodge to enjoy some adventure activities such as trekking, kayaking, rappelling, or canopy tours. The lodge includes meals, that is: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Visiting the incredible Mocona Falls

After breakfast, we will enjoy the incredible Mocona Falls.

Mocona Falls, also known as Salto del Moconá, is a stunning natural wonder located in the province of Misiones, Argentina. What makes Mocona Falls truly unique is its geological formation and the way the waterfall cascades along the Uruguay River.

Unlike traditional waterfalls that flow perpendicular to the river’s course, Mocona Falls runs parallel to the river for about 3 kilometers (1.9 miles). This distinctive geological feature makes Mocona Falls one of the few longitudinal waterfalls in the world.

The falls are a result of a geological fault that extends across the Uruguay River, causing the water to drop over a series of step-like formations. The width of the falls can vary depending on the water levels and seasonal conditions, but they can reach up to 10 meters (33 feet) in height.

Remember, lunches and dinners are included


Visiting the jesuit ruins

After breakfast, we will leave the Moconá area to continue south. In this case, we will visit the San Ignacio Mini Ruins to learn more about the history of the Jesuits in the area.

The San Ignacio Mini Ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These ruins are remnants of the Jesuit Reductions, which were settlements established by Jesuit missionaries during the 17th and 18th centuries as part of their efforts to convert indigenous populations to Christianity and protect them from exploitation.

San Ignacio Mini was one of the most significant Jesuit Reductions in the region, founded in 1632. The settlement was designed as a self-sustaining community with churches, houses, workshops, and schools, where indigenous Guarani people lived and worked under the guidance of the Jesuit priests.

The architecture of the San Ignacio Mini Ruins reflects a blend of European and indigenous Guarani styles, characterized by simple yet elegant structures built using locally sourced materials such as red sandstone. The most prominent feature of the ruins is the impressive stone church, which served as the centerpiece of the settlement.

Despite facing numerous challenges, including conflicts with colonial authorities and the eventual expulsion of the Jesuits from the Spanish territories, the Jesuit Reductions flourished for several decades, leaving behind a legacy of cultural exchange and social experimentation.

Herfe you will explore the archaeological site and marvel at the well-preserved remains of the former Jesuit mission. Our guided tour provide insights into the history and significance of the Reductions, highlighting the unique cultural and architectural heritage of the region.

Then, we will continue to the capital city of Misiones province: Posadas. Overnight in a 4-star hotel with brakfast included.


Arrive to Aguape Lodge

After breakfast, we will continue to the south, to cross to Corrientes Province. Once in Corrientes, we will continue to Aguape Lodge, where you will enjoy an excellent view of the Esteros and the Iberá Lagoon. We are located in the center of the largest and most biodiverse Natural Reserve in Argentina. We look forward to sharing an unforgettable experience with you, where you can encounter 60 species of mammals and 350 species of birds.
The program includes three nights of accommodation with meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Activities in Aguape Lodge

Aguape is the pioneering lodge in the region, established in 1996 by a family with a long tradition. It is located on the shores of the Iberá Lagoon and in the heart of the Iberá Natural Reserve, the largest protected area in Argentina. At Aguape Lodge, you can coexist with over 60 species of mammals and more than 350 different birds. You can enjoy a panoramic view where nature is the sole protagonist, and you will be a privileged spectator.

During your stay, local guides will organize various activities. What can you do there?

Canoeing: One of the best options for wildlife sightings is canoeing, as it allows access to places where boats cannot go. We offer all visitors to Agupé Lodge an initial training session to familiarize themselves with the paddles, practice movements, and sharpen their coordination. Once ready, we begin the journey with the expert guide.

Hiking: We want you to experience wildlife in its own habitat, in different places and times of the day, always observing them up close but without disturbing them. We are convinced that hiking is essential to fully understand the Esteros. Whether in the morning or afternoon, we are always ready to depart. The scheduling of outings is organized exclusively by our Guide Coordinator, according to the season, weather conditions, and the established schedule in each area by the “Ibera Reserva Natural” authorities.

Horseback Riding: We start from the lodge’s door, where guides adjust the stirrups and saddles for riders. Once through Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, the adventure begins. Experts can opt for the advanced level route; those less experienced can choose an introductory ride. Our local guides, born in the area, will show you points of interest in the Colony and share some of their stories until reaching different areas where nature will dominate your senses. Upon return, you will enjoy a delicious snack in the saddle room, overlooking the sunset in the countryside. The horses, faithful companions during the adventure, are released into the field.

Birdwatching: From September to mid-April, you can see the 350 species of birds due to migration. Our birdwatching circuits are designed by professional birders, and our guides can locate species within the various areas of the reserve. We organize special and exclusive walks through savannas and wetlands for birders. After each outing, the checklist is completed at the bar with the guide. Iberá is one of the best birdwatching sites in Argentina.

Boat Trips: Leave early from the lodge, head to the pier, and embark on an adventure through unforgettable places inaccessible from land. Once deep into the mysterious Iberá, among streams and aquatic vegetation, we will encounter the true residents of the Esteros. They all coexist harmoniously: capybaras, marsh deer, river otters, black and broad-snouted caimans, and a great variety of water birds. We invite you to an adventure suitable only for the brave and nature lovers. A Corrientes adventure, experienced from the heart of the Esteros and only lived at Aguapé Lodge. Are you ready to experience it?

Remember, lunch and dinners are included


Full day of activities

Today, and after breakfast, you will continue exploring the amazing Ibera Wetlands. Lunch and dinner included.


Leaving the wetlands

After breakfast, free time until transfer to Posadas Airport for your flight to next destination.

What's Included

  • Transfers between hotels, airports and destinations
  • 2 nights of accommodation with breakfast in Iguazu
  • Visit to Iguazu Falls Argentina Side + Brazil Side including entrance fee to national parks
  • 2 nights of accommodation in Mocona Virgin Lodge including breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Visit to Mocona Falls
  • Visit to San Ignacio Mini Ruins
  • 1 night of accommodation in Posadas with breakfast
  • 3 nights of accommodation in Posada Aguape, Ibera Wetlands, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and activities!
  • Tips, and meals not detailed in the itinerary

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March 12, 2024

Scott and Roxanne Goodrich

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Crisis managers who go the extra mile.

"Every derail was attended to promptly and cheerfully. We had an in-flight emergency needing a last minute change and Lucia and Ramiro were all over it. They turned what could have been a travel disaster due to airlines cancellations into a wonderful two day experience at Iguazu Falls. They are great! Thank you!

March 7, 2024

Kathy Thomas

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Amazing Vacation

"We have returned home from our most amazing vacation to Rio Iguaçu Falls and Búzios It was carefully organised by Ramiro with attention to the details our requirements We must say what a delight Igor our driver was and can’t praise him enough Very knowledgeable and considerate always on time definitely went above and beyond It certainly was a trip we will never forget I will pass your details on to any friends that will be interested in doing a similar tour

March 6, 2024

Juliana Shek

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Iguazu Falls - last minute booking

"We had a last minute decision going to the Iguazu Falls enroute a visit to Rio. We flew from Canada and arrived São Paulo on 23rd Feb morning, and Foz do Iguazu at night time. During the time we were at São Paulo airport, we looked for Iguazu Falls tours the next day, coz we would leave for Rio on 25th Feb. What a blessing I found this website. Walter promptly arranged the tour for me at almost the closing of business hours. He followed up assuring the hotel pick up at 9am the next morning on 24th Feb. Joao was one of the best tour guides I had. With his guide, we saw the best parts of the Falls from both sides of Argentina and Brazil. While hiking the Argentina side trail, we saw monkeys, a poisonous snake, birds, butterflies catfish, lizards and many more. Joao explained to us how some of the endangered species were protected. Very interesting. Joao assisted us to go through customs. It was very smooth going from Brazil to Argentina and coming back. We were so much into taking photos we forgot about our lunch. We felt very sorry for Joao but he just kept going to all the best points so we could take our best pictures. Our apologies. When the trip was finished, Walter checked with us to make sure we were safely back to our hotel. I am very thankful to Walter and his team. Can't believe Mother Nature creating such a magnificent landscape, and we could see it without hassle last minute. Such a wonderful time! I would highly recommend Walter to everyone. Thanks again, Walter and Joao.

March 5, 2024

Lynda Fish

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We were picked up from our hotel on…

"We were picked up from our hotel on time and taken to Buenos Aires airport and everything went smoothly. Our driver and tour guide for the day Alex was waiting for us and took us to start our adventure. The iguaza Falls exceed everyones expectations they are wonderous. Alex took us on the upper trail first,then the boat ride of a life time to go into the falls we got soaked and were so 😊happy and you can buy a video after for $15us Alex then took on lower trail which i personally thought were the best. All in all Alex's trip was fantastic knew his stuff and explained everything we wanted to know.. Brilliant trip would recommend to everyone.

February 25, 2024

Sam Oertwig

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Best Service for Seeing Iguazu Falls

"Can't imagine a better, more seamless trip experience to Iguazu Falls. Communication with Lucia through the entire process was excellent, and each and every aspect of the adventure was better than we could have imagined. Everything was perfectly aligned and delivered without a hitch. We were a bit nervous about our driver getting us to the airport on time from the cruise port. We were originally scheduled to disembark at 7am, but we actually got off at 6:15 and right there was our driver!! And every other transport was equally as excellent. We loved our private Falls guide, Elisangela, who went the distance to ensure we had a truly wonderful experience. We are so so glad we decided to do both sides, and to spend the night in Iguazu. The Falls are beyond comprehension, and no pictures do them justice. Loved trekking around the area where every bend brought new amazing vistas and sounds. Yes, Devil's Throat is closed and will be for awhile, but that in no way detracted from our experience. Stayed at the Grand Panorama Hotel. Very lovely place only 3-minute walk from the main area with shops, restaurants, etc. Very convenient for getting out and about. We also appreciated the options for additional things to do in the area. We selected the Argentinian Dining Experience and the Bird Park in Brazil. The dining experience is something not to be missed! We had so much fun with the other guests and the two instructors/chefs/mixologists. Best filet mignon ever eaten, and that's saying a lot because we are Michelin star foodies! It was a memorable evening that we will be talking about for a long time to come!! And we enjoyed our time seeing some of the many birds of South America. Great conservation facility where the birds are well-taken care of and safe. Everything about our trip was top-notch! Couldn't recommend a better group of people to work with.

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