Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Iguazu, & Buenos Aires Tour Package - 9 Nights

Embark on an enchanting 9-night journey, immersing yourself in the treasures of Peru and Argentina.
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Machu Picchu and Iguazu Falls

Explore the allure of Lima and Machu Picchu, marvel at the splendor of Iguazu Falls, and experience the vibrancy of Buenos Aires!

Indulge in the finest of both nations over 10 incredible days. Begin in Lima, the capital of Peru, where you’ll marvel at the exquisite Larco Museum and the awe-inspiring Inca citadel of Machu Picchu—truly one of South America’s crowning jewels. Your journey then leads to the remarkable Iguazu Falls, one of the ‘New Seven Wonders of Nature.’ Prepare to be astonished by the sheer magnificence and power of these waters. Explore the falls from both sides, and if you desire, venture into Paraguay!

Your adventure continues to Buenos Aires, the captivating capital of Argentina. Known for its European flair, the city boasts the enchanting Tango, a rich local culture, and an extraordinary culinary scene featuring mate and Argentine beef. Immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of neighborhoods like La Boca, San Telmo, Recoleta, Puerto Madero, and Palermo, each offering its own unique allure.

Are you prepared to set forth on this extraordinary expedition, immersing yourself in the very heart of Argentina and Peru, all while accompanied by our exceptional team?



Visiting Lima. Arrival to Cusco.

Upon arrival, our journey commences in the captivating capital of Peru, Lima. We’ll begin by exploring both the modern and colonial facets of this city, often referred to as the “City of Kings.” Our excursion will kick off in the districts of Miraflores and San Isidro, where you’ll experience a panoramic view of the awe-inspiring Huaca Huallamarca archaeological site. Our next destination is the Historical Center, where the UNESCO-designated Cultural Heritage site, the Convent of Santo Domingo, awaits. Within its walls rest the remains of our esteemed patron saints, San Martín de Porres and Santa Rosa de Lima.

A visit to the iconic Plaza Mayor follows, encircled by architectural marvels like the Government Palace, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Municipality, and the Cathedral. Before concluding the tour, a delightful pause is scheduled for a tasting of the quintessential Pisco Sour cocktail!

Post-tour, our exploration leads us to the Larco Museum, a repository of an unparalleled private collection known as the Treasures of Ancient Peru. This collection, composed of over 45,000 artifacts, spanning more than 5,000 years of Peruvian history, serves as an inspiring testament to the past.

Subsequently, we’ll transfer to the airport to catch a flight to Cusco. Upon arrival, we’ll arrange a seamless transfer to your hotel, where you can complete the check-in process. Your comfortable stay in Cusco awaits, providing the perfect rest before our journey unfolds further.


Enjoying Cusco!

After breakfast, we will commence a half-day tour of the remarkable city of Cusco. This ancient city boasts an array of incredible sites that showcase the blend of Andean and Spanish cultures in the Americas. Our captivating journey begins at the Korikancha Temple, an Inca palace of yore that stood as the principal center for the veneration of the Sun God. Make sure your camera is ready to capture the splendor of this astounding place.

Continuing, we’ll head to the Plaza de Armas, where a visit to the Cathedral awaits. Pause at the Mirador San Cristóbal, offering an exquisite vista of the city. Our ascent leads us to the Sacsayhuamán Fortress, a commanding embodiment of Inca military architecture that dominates the cityscape. The adventure further unfolds with visits to the archaeological sites of Kenko, followed by a panoramic view of the Puca-Pucará archaeological complex.

Our itinerary culminates with a visit to the Inka’s Expression art workshop, an insight-rich experience featuring artists working in silver, paint, and wood. This stop offers an ideal opportunity to grasp the essence of Andean artistry.

Return to the hotel for some well-deserved leisure time and a chance to rejuvenate. An overnight stay completes the day’s activities.


Visiting Machu Picchu.

After breakfast, a remarkable adventure awaits – one that ranks among the most incredible experiences in Peru and South America: a visit to Machu Picchu.

Early in the morning and following breakfast, we will transport you to the train station, preparing you for an exceptional day exploring one of the world’s most renowned landmarks: the Machu Picchu citadel. Our journey kicks off aboard the train, taking us closer to the enchanting area of Aguas Calientes. As you arrive in Aguas Calientes, the ascent to Machu Picchu begins. An experience of unparalleled magnitude awaits you in this iconic South American destination.

Upon reaching Machu Picchu, you’ll have the privilege of wandering through every corner of this Seven Wonders of the World site, accompanied by an expert guide. The experience promises to be etched in your memory as one of the most unforgettable moments on the continent. The opportunity for exploration extends into free time to further immerse yourself in the splendor of the surroundings.

At the appropriate juncture, you’ll descend to the town of Aguas Calientes, and from there, board the return train to Cusco, via the Ollantaytambo station. Upon your return to Cusco, we’ll ensure your transfer to your hotel, where you can unwind and spend the night, reflecting on the day’s extraordinary escapade.


Goodbye Perú!

Following breakfast, enjoy a period of leisure until it’s time for your transfer to the airport. From there, you’ll board a flight back to Lima, where you will then connect with your onward flight to Iguazu.

Arrival to Iguazu & Check-In.

Welcome to Iguazu, the gateway to one of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders in South America, and indeed, the world! Brace yourself for an extraordinary experience as we unveil the mesmerizing Iguazu Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the esteemed “New Seven Wonders of Nature.” Whether you find yourself in Brazil or Argentina, a visit to this magnificent spectacle is an absolute must.

Upon your arrival, we will be there to warmly greet you and whisk you away to your hotel, where you can seamlessly check in and unwind. Take advantage of the free time at your disposal to indulge in relaxation by the poolside, embark on a personal exploration of the city’s captivating charm, or delve into the excitement of our thoughtfully curated optional activities listed below:


The Argentinian Side: Enjoying the Falls.

fter breakfast, we’ll embark on one of the most breathtaking trips you can take, where you’ll witness nature’s magic at its finest.

Our tour leader will take you to the Argentinian side’s Parque Nacional Iguazu, which offers up to 8 kilometers of trails across three circuits: the Upper Circuit, the Lower Circuit, and the Trail to the incredible Devil’s Throat, accessible by the Ecological Train of the Jungle.

The Devil’s Throat is a group of 80-meter-tall waterfalls that pour into a small canyon, creating the most intense rush at Iguazu Falls. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to the world’s largest waterfalls, an excellent and unique spectacle.

We’ve got plenty of extracurricular activities for you to choose from, and you can check them out below. After the park visit, we’ll head back to the hotel.


The Brazilian Side: A Unique Panoramic View of the Falls.

We’ll start exploring the Brazilian side of the falls after breakfast. It is referred to as Parque Nacional do Iguaçu. The excursion consists of a bus ride through the jungle and a spectacular elevator ride up to a 1500-meter walkway with a panoramic view of the falls. The scenery is distinctive, so get your camera ready to capture hundreds of priceless pictures!

It’s a half-day tour that can be combined with any extra activities, including a trip to Itaipu Dam or Parque Das Aves (Birds Park). Additionally, you might include some adventurous activities while visiting. Look over the choices below.


Goodbye Iguazu!

Indulge in a delightful breakfast to kickstart your day, followed by a leisurely period of free time. Take this opportunity to unwind, venture out, and discover the city at your own pace, or engage in any of the exciting optional activities we have curated for you. Details can be found below.

As the day progresses, we’ll arrange a smooth transfer for you to the local airport, ensuring you catch your flight to your next destination comfortably.

Farewell, Iguazu! May the memories you’ve made here continue to enchant you wherever your journey takes you.

Arrival to the Capital City.

Welcome to Buenos Aires, the vibrant capital of Argentina and one of the most significant cities on the continent. From European-style architecture to the world-famous Tango and mouth-watering cuisine, Buenos Aires offers a unique blend of history, culture, and modernity that you won’t find anywhere else.

Once you arrive at the international airport, Ministro Pistarini (also known as Ezeiza), you’ll be greeted with warmth and hospitality by the locals, known as “Porteños.” With your first day free, you can take the time to relax and soak in the city’s energy as you settle into your accommodation for the next three nights.

But if you’re an active person who’s eager to get started with exciting activities right away, take a look at our optional tours. We offer a wide range of solutions to suit any traveler’s preferences.

So whether you’re interested in exploring the city’s historic landmarks, experiencing its vibrant nightlife, or indulging in its culinary delights, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready for an unforgettable journey in Buenos Aires – we can’t wait to show you around!

  • Dinner Tango Show in La Ventana
    Enjoy a wonderful Dinner Tango Show in Buenos Aires
  • Walking Tour in Recoleta Area
    Enjoy a 3-hour walking tour with our guide!


Enjoying the Best of Buenos Aires.

Join us for a fascinating tour of Buenos Aires, the most European city in South America. We’ll start our tour after breakfast, taking in the city’s highlights and experiencing its unique blend of European and Latin American cultures.

As we explore different parts of the city, you’ll see firsthand how European architecture and design influenced Buenos Aires at the turn of the last century, when Argentina was the sixth-ranked nation on the planet.

Our tour includes several iconic locations, such as La Boca, home to the famous Caminito, and the Boca Juniors Stadium, “La Bombonera”. Next, we’ll visit San Telmo, another must-see location in Buenos Aires. If you’re visiting on a Sunday, you’ll have the chance to explore the renowned San Telmo fair, where you can discover unique antiques and immerse yourself in the local culture.

We’ll also visit the iconic Plaza de Mayo, where you’ll see the “Casa Rosada” (Pink House), the Cabildo, the Cathedral, and other historical landmarks. Along the way, you’ll also catch a glimpse of the Obelisk and 9 de Julio Avenue. If you’re an opera lover, you won’t want to miss the chance to visit the Colon Theatre, one of the world’s premier opera theaters. You can take a guided tour if you like, but be sure to book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

Our tour will also take us to other fascinating parts of the city, such as the RecoletaPalermo, and Puerto Madero neighborhoods. Puerto Madero, in particular, is a revitalized dockside area with a diverse culinary scene, where you can end your tour with a delicious lunch and a taste of the regional cuisine.

After our tour, you’ll have the freedom to explore the city on your own. There are plenty of things to do, such as going on a walking tour of the Colon Theatre or taking an excursion to the Tigre Delta. And if you’re looking for more activities, check out the optional tours we have available, such as a fantastic Tango Show or a Buenos Aires by-night activity.

At the end of the day, you’ll return to your hotel and get some rest in preparation for your next adventure.

  • Guided tour of the Colon Theatre with Walking Tour
    An amazing 4-hour activity with our guide!
  • Buenos Aires by night in Palermo!
    Enjoy the nightlife in Palermo with a beer
  • Dinner Tango Show in La Ventana
    Enjoy a wonderful dinner tango show in Buenos Aires!


Enjoying the Countryside. Visit to an Estancia in the Pampas.

After breakfast, we will embark on a trip to the Pampas to visit traditional estancias or farms. This excursion, known as the “Fiesta Gaucha,” is one of the most popular cultural activities to do while visiting Buenos Aires. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the usual “Asado Criollo,” spectacular horseback riding, and traditional folklore presentations. After lunch, which is included, we’ll enjoy some gaucho demonstrations with horses during Carreras de Sortijas.

We’ll return to the hotel around 5 p.m., and you’ll have some free time to relax or take advantage of the optional activities listed below. We’re always prepared to assist you.

  • Dinner & Tango Show in La Ventana!
    Experience a captivating dinner tango show in Buenos Aires, immersing yourself in the passion and elegance of this iconic dance.
  • Buenos Aires by Night: Corrientes Avenue & Pizza Experience
    Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Corrientes Avenue, known for its theaters and entertainment, and savor the unique flavors of Argentine pizza.
  • Fogon Asado Experience
    Immerse yourself in the traditional Argentine asado (barbecue) experience with Fogón, a unique way to enjoy the flavors and customs of this culinary tradition.

DAY 10

Goodbye to the Big City.

After a leisurely breakfast, take some time to relax and savor your remaining moments in this beautiful destination. Later, we will arrange a seamless transfer to the local airport, ensuring a smooth transition to your next destination. If you’re looking to make the most of your time, consider the optional activities listed below for additional exploration and enjoyment.

  • Half-Day Tour to Tigre & Delta del Paraná
    Venture outside of Buenos Aires to explore the natural beauty of Tigre and the Paraná Delta, located just 30 km away from the city.
  • Full Polo Day
    Be a polo player for a day.
  • Rio de la Plata Boat Navigation with Lunch
    Set sail on the Humberto M. boat and enjoy a scenic navigation on the Rio de la Plata, accompanied by a delightful lunch.
  • La Boca Walking Tour with Bombonera Stadium
    Enjoy a wonderful walking tour in La Boca neighbourhood!

What's Included

  • Transfers Airport-Hotel-Airport in All Destinations
  • Accommodation (3⭐, 4⭐, 5⭐, or Luxury)
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Pick-up and Drop-off in All Activities
  • English-Speaking Guides
  • 24/7 Support via Mail, Phone, or WhatsApp
  • Any Optional Added to Your Trip
  • Ticket Entrance to National Parks (can be included)
  • Flight Tickets (can be included)
  • Tips

What Our Travelers Says

September 5, 2023

Dilyana lahdgian

Trustpilot icon star

Best experience at Iguazu Falls

"We were a group of 6 and can only recomend the agency! We were picked from Brazilian airport, visited the Brazilian side of the falls, then on the next day moved to Argentinian side and left from the Argentinian airport. The tour guide Damu was amazing! He is kind, provides valuable tips, organized the two days so we can see everything. We didn't wait anywhere! We crossed the border from Brazil to Argentina for 5 minutes maximum and Damu prepared the papers in advance. We asked for changes of the agreed schedule due to the weather and all was fine with no extra charge. The communication was perfect, Damo was on time all days and with great attention to details- we had time for pictures, for shopping, organization was perfect!Thank you, you made one time of experience for all of us!

August 26, 2023


Trustpilot icon star

A great day at Iguazu Falls

"Everything was well organised and on time. The tour guide was excellent. There was enough time to enjoy the views and the tour was not rushed. The lunch in El Fortin Cataratas was a delight!

August 9, 2023

Tammy Creaser

Trustpilot icon star

An Amazing Day at Iguazu Falls

"We only had one day at Iguazu but we managed to see both sides of the falls thanks to our wonderful guide, Freddy. He went above and beyond to make sure we had a wonderful day. We even fitted in the Helicopter flight which was amazing. Definately a highlight of our trip!

July 21, 2023

Adriana Kopecká Ondrušová

Trustpilot icon star

The guide tour to Argentinien side of…

"The guide tour to Argentinien side of Iguazu was amazing. Our guide Valentina was very nice and competent. It was nice to meet her and speak with her. We met interesting people in our group, it was nice to talk to them. Everything was well organized. We were really satisfied and greatful, that we can see Iguazu. I highly recommend. Thanks for the experience. Adriana and Robin

July 14, 2023

Sue McLennan

Trustpilot icon star

We absolutely loved the pass

""We absolutely loved the pass. It took all the stress out of the transfers as we didn’t know how it would work crossing the border. The guide took charge and made it very straightforward. Especially as very few people speak English. The tours were extremely well planned, the guide, Emanuel was friendly, enthusiastic, funny and knowledgeable. His English was excellent and we would recommend him to anyone. There were no issues and we were very happy with everything. Cheers Susan."

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Yes! absolutely. A good idea can be add other destinations in Peru like Puno and Titicaca Lake, or  Puerto Maldonado, before your flight to Iguazu and also add some interesting places like Patagonia or also continue to Chile after Buenos Aires. Contact us and we will quote it for you!

Yes, we can arrange for your visit to Iguazu Falls from any nearby destination. Additionally, we can suggest the best flight times for your tour if you prefer to book them yourself.

Generally, we offer a full refund up to 72 hours before your tour. However, there may be certain tours that do not qualify for this policy. We will inform you of any exceptions while you plan your trip with us.

Yes! We offer the option to convert any of our small group tours into private tours, where you will have an English-speaking guide exclusively for you.

All the year, but better to avoid the rainy season in Peru, for that reason the best season is from April to September.

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