Rio de Janeiro & Iguazu Falls - 6 Nights Tour Package

Experience the beauty of Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls in a 6-night adventure. Request your tour now!
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Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu

Unlock the Wonders of Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls: 6 Nights of Breathtaking Beauty and Adventure!

Embark on a mesmerizing 6-night journey through Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls, where the beauty of nature and vibrant city life intertwine.

In Rio de Janeiro, indulge in the city’s enchanting energy for 3 nights. Immerse yourself in its iconic attractions like Sugar Loaf and Corcovado, where the majestic Christ the Redeemer statue awaits. Feel the rhythm of samba and the warm embrace of the locals as you explore this captivating city.

Then, fly to Puerto Iguazu for 3 nights of awe-inspiring natural wonders. Witness the sheer power and grandeur of Iguazu Falls from both the Argentine and Brazilian sides. Get up close to the cascading waterfalls, and let the mist kiss your skin as you marvel at this UNESCO World Heritage site.

For a different perspective, choose to stay in Foz de Iguazu on the Brazilian side, and immerse yourself in the rich culture and natural beauty it offers.

With our customizable options and expert guidance, let us create a truly unforgettable journey for you. Request your tour now and experience the best of Rio de Janeiro and the magnificent Iguazu Falls!


Day 1 - Rio de Janeiro 🛬

Arrival to the Wonderful City.

Upon your arrival at Rio de Janeiro airport, prepare to be captivated by the irresistible charm and vitality of one of South America’s most renowned cities. Our reliable transfer service will be awaiting your arrival, ready to whisk you away to your hotel, where you can take a moment to unwind and immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance.

Rio de Janeiro boasts a fascinating history that dates back to 1565, making it a city of remarkable depth and allure. From the genuine warmth of its inhabitants to the dynamic culture, breathtaking beaches, and awe-inspiring natural wonders, it’s no surprise that this destination is on every traveler’s bucket list.

After settling into your hotel, take some well-deserved time to relax and rejuvenate. If you’re feeling adventurous and eager to start your exploration right away, we offer a selection of optional activities to kick-start your Rio experience. Choose from an array of enticing options, including:

Day 2 - Rio de Janeiro

City Tour With Sugar Loaf.

After a delightful breakfast, we’ll kick off our exploration of the enchanting “Cidade Maravilhosa” – the Wonderful City.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the breathtaking views as we embark on a panoramic journey. Our first destination is the Metropolitan Cathedral, where we’ll delve into the city’s captivating history and capture stunning photos.

Next, we’ll ascend via cable car to Sugar Loaf, an iconic symbol of Rio de Janeiro. From its heights, you’ll be treated to awe-inspiring panoramic views of Guanabara Bay, Niteroi, Santa Cruz Fortress, Botafogo, and Flamengo. Don’t forget your camera!

After taking in the beauty of Sugar Loaf for approximately 45 minutes, we’ll pass through the Santa Barbara Tunnel, offering glimpses of downtown Rio. Our final stop is the renowned Sambodromo, where Rio’s spectacular Carnival takes place each year.

Upon returning to the hotel, you’ll have the freedom to enjoy a leisurely lunch. As this is a half-day excursion, we have curated a selection of optional activities for you to choose from, ensuring you make the most of your afternoon and evening in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Carnival Experience in Rio de Janeiro
    Immerse yourself in the exhilarating spirit of Carnival with our exclusive Carnival Experience, where you'll witness the dazzling costumes, infectious music, and electrifying energy that define this world-famous event.
  • Ginga Tropical Show with Dinner in Rio de Janeiro
    Indulge in the vibrant rhythms of Rio de Janeiro with our Ginga Tropical Show, featuring a delectable dinner and captivating samba performance.

Day 3 - Rio de Janeiro

Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer.

After a delicious breakfast, we’ll embark on our second excursion in Rio de Janeiro. Our first stop is the iconic Christ the Redeemer Statue, recently named one of the seven new wonders of the world. Located near the peak of Corcovado Mountain, the statue was built in 1926 and presents a significant engineering feat. It attracts over 300,000 visitors each year, offering stunning panoramic views of downtown Rio and the southern region.

Next, we’ll visit the Tijuca Forest, a vast green oasis that divides the city in two. With over 3,000 plant species and numerous bird species, the park is incredibly biodiverse. The town’s temperature would be two degrees Celsius warmer without it! Our tour includes several highlights, such as the Chinese View, Taunay’s Waterfalls, and the Visitor Center.

After the tour, you can enjoy lunch at your leisure before heading back to your accommodation. Since this is a half-day excursion, you can spend the rest of the day relaxing on the beach or opt for one of our alternative activities to explore the city’s culinary scene and catch an exciting show in the evening.

  • Ginga Tropical Show with Dinner in Rio de Janeiro
    Indulge in the vibrant rhythms of Rio de Janeiro with our Ginga Tropical Show, featuring a delectable dinner and captivating samba performance.
  • Carnival Experience in Rio de Janeiro
    Immerse yourself in the exhilarating spirit of Carnival with our exclusive Carnival Experience, where you'll witness the dazzling costumes, infectious music, and electrifying energy that define this world-famous event. Day 10 - Rio de Janeiro

Day 4 - Rio de Janeiro 🛫 - Iguazu Falls 🛬

Goodbye Cidade Maravilhosa!

After an eventful trip in Rio de Janeiro, it’s time to bid farewell to this wonderful city. However, if your flight departs in the afternoon or evening, you’ll have some free time to explore at your own pace before your departure transfer. Whether you wish to bask in the sun on the beach, engage in some last-minute shopping, or savor local delicacies, Rio de Janeiro offers a myriad of options for everyone. If you’re eager to maximize your remaining time in Rio, we offer a selection of optional activities to choose from.

  • Jeep Tour to Favela La Rocinha & Tijuca Forest
    Embark on a thrilling Jeep Tour that takes you through the lush Tijuca rainforest and provides a unique glimpse into the vibrant community of Favela La Rocinha.
  • Helicopter Ride over Rio de Janeiro
    Take your Rio adventure to new heights with a breathtaking Helicopter Ride, soaring above the city to admire its iconic landmarks and breathtaking vistas from a bird's-eye perspective.

Iguazu Falls

Welcome to Iguazu, the gateway to one of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders in South America, and indeed, the world! Brace yourself for an extraordinary experience as we unveil the mesmerizing Iguazu Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the esteemed “New Seven Wonders of Nature.” Whether you find yourself in Brazil or Argentina, a visit to this magnificent spectacle is an absolute must.

Upon your arrival, we will be there to warmly greet you and whisk you away to your hotel, where you can seamlessly check in and unwind. Take advantage of the free time at your disposal to indulge in relaxation by the poolside, embark on a personal exploration of the city’s captivating charm, or delve into the excitement of our thoughtfully curated optional activities listed below:

Day 5 - Iguazu Falls

The Argentinian Side: Enjoying the Falls.

After breakfast, we’ll embark on one of the most breathtaking trips you can take, where you’ll witness nature’s magic at its finest.

Our tour leader will take you to the Argentinian side’s Parque Nacional Iguazu, which offers up to 8 kilometers of trails across three circuits: the Upper Circuit, the Lower Circuit, and the Trail to the incredible Devil’s Throat, accessible by the Ecological Train of the Jungle.

The Devil’s Throat is a group of 80-meter-tall waterfalls that pour into a small canyon, creating the most intense rush at Iguazu Falls. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to the world’s largest waterfalls, an excellent and unique spectacle.

We’ve got plenty of extracurricular activities for you to choose from, and you can check them out below. After the park visit, we’ll head back to the hotel.

Day 6 - Iguazu Falls

The Brazilian Side: A unique Panoramic View of the Falls.

We’ll start exploring the Brazilian side of the falls after breakfast. It is referred to as Parque Nacional do Iguaçu. The excursion consists of a bus ride through the jungle and a spectacular elevator ride up to a 1500-meter walkway with a panoramic view of the falls. The scenery is distinctive, so get your camera ready to capture hundreds of priceless pictures!

It’s a half-day tour that can be combined with any extra activities, including a trip to Itaipu Dam or Parque Das Aves (Birds Park). Additionally, you might include some adventurous activities while visiting. Look over the choices below.

Day 7 - Iguazu Falls

Goodbye to the Falls.

Indulge in a delightful breakfast to kickstart your day, followed by a leisurely period of free time. Take this opportunity to unwind, venture out, and discover the city at your own pace, or engage in any of the exciting optional activities we have curated for you. Details can be found below.

As the day progresses, we’ll arrange a smooth transfer for you to the local airport, ensuring you catch your flight to your next destination comfortably.

Farewell, Iguazu! May the memories you’ve made here continue to enchant you wherever your journey takes you.

What's Included

  • Transfer Airport-Hotel-Airport in All Destinations
  • Accommodation (3⭐, 4⭐, 5⭐, or Luxury)
  • English-Speaking Guides
  • Pick-up and Drop-off in All Activities
  • 24/7 Support via Mail, Phone, or WhatsApp
  • Any Optional Added to Your Trip
  • Ticket Entrance to National Parks (can be included)
  • Flight Tickets (can be included)
  • Tips

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